Aqua Mondo

Global Partners

Aqua Mondo is a product of the Best Water Technology Group (BWT) is Europe‘s leading water technology company.

BWT encourages the prevention of waste to protect the world’s most important resource – water, and offers a modern, convenient solution to avoid plastic bottles. Not only protecting the environment but also helping customers to save money at the same time.

Any local tap water can be treated with BWT patented technologies such as the Magnesium technology for perfect taste, Zinc+ Magnesium for your vitality boost or Silicate for mental freshness and natural beauty . The outcome is the social and ecological answer to all bottled water brands – the simple way to do something good for you and planet blue.

Access to clean and healthy water is a challenge in many communities worldwide. BWT defines access to safe, clean water as a human right. AQUA MONDO uses proven BWT filter technology to refine local tap water  and is available in restaurants, in hotels or any location where water can be enjoyed and consumed in a convenient and responsible way. AQUA MONDO changes the world, sip by sip.

Whenever AQUA MONDO water is sold, parts of the revenue will be donated to the corporate social responsibility programme b.water MISSION. The project supports the access to clean water in rural communities in Gambia by delivering innovative, sustainable, accountable and maintainable water systems, resulting in significant social benefits for the evolving global water market serving low income communities.

Just as you have to understand humans to know their needs, you have to understand water to design it.