When Lance Met Lleyton

March 10, 2020
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Lance warms up for the season-opener in Melbourne with a local legend!

With 105 days separating the 2019 finale in Abu Dhabi and the 2020 season-opener in Melbourne, it’s important for F1 drivers to get their eye in before returning to the track in anger.

So, with the opening sessions at Albert Park just around the corner, we thought we’d give Lance the opportunity to do just that by pitting him against one of Australia’s all-time sporting greats – Lleyton Hewitt.

Taking to a Show Court at Melbourne Park –home of the Australian Open – the duo served up a storm with a different kind of race warm-up. Swapping the wheel for the racket, Lance didn’t back down from the challenge and impressed the former World No.1 with his skills.

“Lance lived up to it! I could tell he knew a fair bit about tennis!” said Hewitt of our young Canadian star.

“I could tell he’s young because of his modern-day forehand, with a lot of heavy top-spin. Once he got control of that, he was getting much better by the end.

“I’ll certainly be supporting Lance this weekend and I hope he goes well. I’ve loved Formula 1 for a long time and I have amazing respect for what these guys do and what they go through. It’s great to have Lance out here!” 

With a serve speed of almost 125mph, Hewitt was never going to be an easy opponent. But after a few good rallies – catching the experienced Aussie out a handful of times – Lance enjoyed the chance to face off against an athlete he has long admired:

“It was painful returning Lleyton’s serve, I’m not gonna lie!” revealed an excited Lance at the close of the day.

“It was good fun. I’m a big fan of Lleyton’s.I watched him growing up and I’ve always been a fan of the sport. I love tennis– the competitive element and the physical element as well.

“Seeing these guys hustle up and down the court for hours is really impressive and today is definitely one for the books!”