Track Quirks: COTA’s International Inspiration

November 2, 2019
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Created by Hermann Tilke, the Circuit of the Americas [COTA] in Austin made its debut on the Formula 1 calendar in 2012 and is one of a number of racing venues present in the 2019 season devised by the German track designer.

Behind COTA’s 20 corners lies inspiration that is truly of international scope, with the 5.513km-long track a love child of some of the most iconic corner complexes in motorsport.

As soon as the first sector, the circuit adopts a high-speed feel akin to the ferocious, white-water ride of Silverstone’s Maggots, Beckets and Chapel sequence through Turns 3-6.

Later in the lap, we again see a European influence – with Turns 12-15 shadowing the Hockenheimring’s stadium section.

A taste of Turkey comes next, with the constant radius right-hander of Turns 16-18 paying homage to Istanbul Park’s fearsome quadruple-apexed Turn 8.

This unique blend of corners has made the Circuit of the Americas a firm favourite among fans and drivers alike, with some of the greatest corner sequences from around the world on its books.

If motor racing circuits had a greatest hits album, COTA would surely be it!