Checo Talks Contracts and Confidence

September 16, 2019
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We were buzzing to announce that our relationship with Checo will continue far into the future at the Belgian Grand Prix, as he penned a three-year extension to his current contract.

This is a big deal to us all – Checo included – and it comes as no surprise that we’re mega excited about working together for the next three seasons.

“I am happy about it because I see that this team has big potential,” explains Checo.

“I really believe in the plans that we have for the coming years. I think this year, as expected, has been a bit of a transition. 

“One year ago is when the transition of the new team owners came into place. Definitely, it’s a massive opportunity for us to grow together for the future. There is a big change in the rules coming up so hopefully, we can be in place to maximise that.

Looking ahead, Checo sees a bright future for the team as we develop our infrastructure back at base in Silverstone:

“It’s been a while since I signed a long-term deal. I’m happy with the decision and I’m optimistic for the future,” continues Checo. “I think what the team is doing back home, how hard they’re pushing, and the investment that’s going in place is definitely a massive opportunity. 

“I wanted a project that would motivate me and I see a good future with this team.

I feel at home here. I really feel welcome from Lawrence and everyone. All of the mechanics, all of the engineers, everyone. I’m just happy for the future and know that we have a lot of work and commitments that we have to deliver to everyone here.”