Lucas Blakeley

Hailing from Scotland, Lucas’ racing pedigree was honed in karting before stepping into the world of Esports.

Selected in the 2019 Pro Draft, Lucas entered the final four races of the campaign for the team and impressed from the outset, making the podium in just his second start with a P2 finish at Suzuka.

Esports Q&A

How would you describe yourself?

I’d say I’m focused, dedicated and committed to racing. It’s my passion.

What’s your favourite circuit?

Silverstone. Not because I’m British – it’s just a phenomenal circuit and such a historic one too. I’ve been lucky enough to watch F1 there and it produces really good races year after year. It’s got fast sections, slow sections and some really iconic corners.

What’s the best race you’ve ever seen?

The one that springs to mind would be the 2016 British Grand Prix. That’s where I got to witness Lewis Hamilton winning the British Grand Prix for the first time in person and the atmosphere was just incredible.

What was first racing game you played?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

How regularly do you practice on the sim?

We’re on the sim in preparation for every event, so more than eight hours on most days. It’s quite an extensive amount of practice and preparation we put into these events, testing different set-ups and practicing different scenarios. Although it’s a game, it’s highly complex with a lot of detail to cover to ensure that we deliver the best results on race day.

What training regimes do you have?

We have a variety of different training techniques. We practice different strategies, comparing what works and what doesn’t, allowing us to eliminate options. We do qualifying simulations to understand where we are on one lap pace and race simulations to test keep our race craft fresh. We cover every base, really.

What does your rig set-up consist of?

We use the same rig set-up as the F1 Esports series, with Fanatec and PlaySeat hardware. Of course, every driver is different, so we spend a lot of time fine-tuning our kit to get the maximum performance from it.

What’s the best race you’ve ever had?

The one that was most significant was definitely the 2019 F1 Esports Pro Draft race. That spring boarded me to where I am now with BWT Racing Point F1 Esports Team!

What are your best memories from 2019 with Racing Point?

My best memory from last year was definitely the podium at Suzuka. That round was just brilliant in general, with P4 in qualifying, making up positions in the race and eventually finishing P2 in just my second race. I was still fresh to the series and the team at that point, so to pull off a result like that and bring home points we really needed for the team was a great feeling.

How happy are you to have Daniele as a team-mate again this year?

Having Daniele as a teammate for 2020 is the ideal scenario for me. He helped me out a lot last year in terms of being another new addition to the team and was always there to answer any questions I had. We get on well, we practice together well, and we understand each other well. I’m very happy to be racing alongside him again.

What are you hoping to achieve in the 2020 Season?

As a team, we want to be competing for the Championship and I think we’ve got the potential to perform at the highest level this year if we put everything together. I want to try and push myself along with the team to fight for victories every race and the goal is to mount a serious challenge to the big guys. Hopefully all of the hard work we’ve put in so far will be rewarded with the right results.

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    Monza 2019 (Round 9)

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    P2 - Japan 2019 (Round 10)

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